Earth Day Gifts

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  Dirt 2 Table has been promoting is “Save the Bees and Monarchs” Campaign by giving away free milkweed and dandelion plants to educate people on the role that these plants have for our insect community and ultimately our world.  It has been successful!  We are giving lots of these starter plants away.

During the day an opportunity presented itself to us as result of a plea on social media.  We were able to ship a box of 54 varieties of vegetable seeds to a remote Native American Tribe in the southwest, whose members are quarantined.  The only way in and out of their land is by foot, pack mule, or helicopter.  No one can go in or come out during the public health crisis.  Which means anything mailed to them must be dropped off/picked up at a given point. How fortuitous to have this opportunity come before us on this 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

This is what the Dirt 2 Table project  is about. Community resilience.  Less Lawns to grow more food. Helping neighbors. Helping our world.

We are grateful for these gifts.

#communityresilience #dirt2table #forthepeople #foralllife #formotherearth

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