The Og-Woi People’s Orchard and Garden

This community collective project is an example model of how food can be free and accessible. It involves helping a fruit orchard and associated vegetable gardens thrive, with the intent of providing the produce grown by the plants to the people in the community. It is also a place to give to the overall health of the environment and to learn and teach community resiliency and caring. To date we have planted about two dozen fruit trees and have several vegetable garden beds where tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions and garlic are growing.

100% of all funds raised are donated to this project, powered by volunteers. This fundraiser is organized by one of the project’s partners, Dirt2Table, a program of Blue Sky Institute (BSI), which is a grassroots non-profit organization in Utah. BSI is dedicated to providing outreach and education on social justice issues in the areas of Education, Human Rights, Environment; Sustainability and Responsibility.

Anyone who has the interest can join in the planting and care taking of the project, those who do mostly see the labor as a gift to the community that brings them joy in the giving. We mainly have work sessions, or collaboration sessions on Sunday mornings at the project site.The land upon which the project sits is land stolen from the Ute and Shoshone tribes. “Og-woi” is the Shoshone word for River, chosen because the project is next to the Jordan River in Salt Lake City. We must therefore give back to the land what was stolen and create a way of providing nourishment – for the soul and body – to all who wish to be nourished.

History of project

Since 2013 the founders of a local non-profit, Blue Sky Institute, had a vision of a people’s orchard and garden in specific public open space in their Salt Lake City neighborhood. Along came the Arm in Arm 4 Climate movement which also had the vision of guerrilla gardening in open space owned by the people. Thanks to Arm in Arm 4 Climate issuing the call to action, the collective vision became a reality with many community partners collaborating to make it happen.

The original collective includes:

Arm in Arm 4 Climate Change –

Dirt 2 Table (Blue Sky Institute) –

Neighborhood Resiliency Initiative –

Utah Tar Sands Resistance –

SLC Revolutionary Collective

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In Memoriam:

Hali Ann Vanderburg, Dirt2Table Volunteer ~ 1987-2021

Hali Ann Vanderburg
December 1st, 1987-July, 20th 2021

Hali was human and as a young human was still working on self awareness and personal growth through life experiences. She loved the soft beauty of birds singing, insects doing their thing and their daily life in nature; a lover of all animals and plants ,succulents in particular. She could identify a rock, where it came from around here and find something to appreciate even in the ugliest rock in the field.

Here is a “Hali’s Marigold Garden” that was planted in her honor at the garden with seeds Hali planted in March. If you’re finding the urge to ‘’do something’’ to grieve or honor Hali, perhaps volunteering for an hour, a day or forever would be a great way to celebrate her life. A drip system is being put in this weekend and they can use the help.

~ Excerpts from the writings of Kimberly Bain, Hali’s Mother, July 2021

Hali volunteered for the Dirt2Table Project and in the Og-Woi there are beautiful and vibrant marigolds and sunflowers that she hand seeded, indicative of how life can thrive even in the most adverse environments and situations.

You can donate to this project by visiting the donation page. Follow the instructions to put in “Hali’s Garden” when you donate. Donations will be used to maintain the Hali’s pollinator garden.

Margarita Satini, Social Justice Advocate ~ 1970-2020

You can donate to this project by visiting the donation page. Follow the instructions to put in “Margarita Garden” in the memo when you donate. Donations will be used to maintain the Margarita mural and garden.