Feeding Our Community

The Dirt2Table project is dedicated to ensuring that community members not only learn how to grow their own food but know that they have support in the process.

The benefits of growing your own food are many. Gardening is fun, good for your health, improves your life with exercise and the benefit of high quality nutrition with home-grown fruits and vegetables. Additionally, growing your own food is empowering in that you are in control of what you use in your gardening.

Every year Dirt2Table holds a “foodraiser”: The Community Celebration of Spring and Plant Sale.  This event is designed to educate community members about backyard food production. We plant every plant from seed. Each year we grow more plants to get out into the community. In 2019 we have planted 9600 seeds.  Our culminating event is in early May when we hold our plant sale and have workshops, networking and  just plain old community fun.

Soon we will post photos of past events.  For now, please see the tabs at the top of the page and in the left sidebar for saving the May 4 date on your calendars and also how to order plants in advance of our event.