Growing Chard

Swiss Chard is one of our favorites! We will be offering chard seeds in our free seed give away on May 4.

This article describes the benefits of chard *and* provides instructions for cultivating it.

Gardening Etcetera: Swiss chard: A truly remarkable vegetable

One remarkable attribute of Swiss chard is that it’s packed with nutrients. “The World’s Healthiest Foods,” a website run by the nonprofit George Mateljan Foundation puts Swiss chard near the top of its list of “total nutrient rankings,” with only spinach and broccoli surpassing it. One cup of chopped, cooked Swiss chard provides 636% daily recommended intake (DRI/DV) of vitamin K, 60% DRI/DV vitamin A, 42% DRI/DV vitamin C, and many of the B vitamins. Even more impressive is the assortment of minerals loaded into each serving, many of which are difficult to derive from other foods.

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